How to prioritize what to spend your money on for your wedding

  1. Do your research Disregard the average prices magazines give you and concentrate on researching suppliers in your chosen location to build your own list of realistic prices.

2. What’s your wedding going to cost? This is when prioritizing the most important elements of your wedding becomes crucial, as you may want to allocate more money to certain areas and source them early.

3. Who’s paying? Are there any family members who want to help? It’s worth talking to them early on to establish what they’re expecting in return: is it a no obligation gift or are they going to want a large say in what the money is being spent on? If you and your fiance are covering the cost of your wedding remember that the start of married life is not the time to be getting into debt.

4. Get Organized Make a budget planner, spreadsheet or list to keep track of your spending.

5. Give Yourself A Contingency Budget Inevitably things may end up costing more than you thought or something might come up that you hadn’t budgeted for, so always cost in a contingency budget.

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